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Arizona Marijuana Doctor

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Cannabis Certification Centers and now Diamond Smoke Shop, is an Arizona marijuana doctor office with experienced and state-licensed medical marijuana doctors who have been successfully providing doctor-recommended Arizona marijuana certifications for over 3 years. Our professional Arizona marijuana doctors provide Arizona marijuana certifications to patients who qualify for medical marijuana in Arizona.

With an Arizona medical marijuana certification from our licensed Arizona marijuana doctors, a qualifying patient can get an Arizona medical marijuana card when approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services. When the qualifying patient is approved for an Arizona medical marijuana card, the qualifying patient will be able to legally possess and purchase up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana every two weeks from an Arizona dispensary or designated caregiver.

At Cannabis Certification Centers, we can assist our medical marijuana patients with completing and submitting their Arizona medical marijuana card application to the Arizona Department of Health Services or save you money if you prefer completing yourself. Getting your Arizona marijuana card is as easy as scheduling an appointment with us, then visiting with one of our experienced Arizona marijuana doctors (and, if you qualify, they will write your Arizona marijuana certification paperwork at the appointment). We will then submit all other necessary documentation to the ADHS for you.

You just go home and wait a few days for your Arizona marijuana card to arrive in the mail.

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